About Us

Hello my name is Lewis Fagan and I’m the proud owner of Houseproud home services.

 When I was a child, my Grandmother had a Home Help lady who carried out multiple tasks for her so she did not have to worry about anything. She cleaned her home from top to bottom, ran errands, helped her to read and write letters, read the newspaper. She would also help her to dress, organised her household bills, made her food to eat, changed her bed covers, did her laundry and ironing and picked up her prescription the list goes on and on. My Grandmother would also have a list of phone numbers of well known tradesmen like decorators, plumbers, handymen and so on. This no longer happens, or at least it didn’t until Houseproud Home Services came along. All of the above is just a fraction of services we offer today.


 That’s why, over 22 years ago in 1999, I decided to bring back the more traditional home help services. Our clients range from busy people, older people and people with disabilities to young mums struggling with housework, working families who have neither the time nor the energy to keep their home how they would like. The list goes on.

The key to our continued success is our excellent housekeepers who love their job and what they do. I have trained them all to a very high standard and to do their jobs just the way i would personally do it myself. We now have a few large teams which are passionate about providing help to our clients on a daily bases and our housekeepers are truly dedicated to the company. They provide some of our clients with friendship and vital contact with the outside world. People who use  Houseproud Home Services are given my personal phone number. They are urged to call if they need any further help or advice on anything at all. The reassurance this gives people who may be living alone is invaluable.

All of our housekeepers are in uniformed teams and are carefully trained, background checked and fully insured to work in your home. We use high-quality products and complete regular house checks in order to enable us to maintain our five-star housekeeping service.

Houseproud Home Services are completely different from any other companies out there that are currently available today. My vision has always been to bring back the traditional Home Help Service where everything is provided under one roof. Basically, a one-stop shop for all your household needs. We want to help save people the time and expense of employing different people for different jobs so we have tried to provide anything under one roof.

Ultimately, the difference is that we care!