Home Services, Leigh – so what do we do?

News on 30 Jul , 2018

With the hectic nature of everyday life the simplest of tasks, such as keeping your house clean, may be a struggle to keep on top of. However, Houseproud is here to relieve this stress, as they aim to bring and maintain a high-quality home cleaning service within the Leigh area. Houseproud home services, Leigh have been keeping customer’s houses impeccably clean for the past 19 years. We are also recommended by Wigan Council, which isn’t hard to believe considering the variety of cleaning services available.

Whether it be weekly cleaning or a one-off clean, Houseproud can make your house look brand new again, due to their friendly, reliable staff. Our services have been becoming more and more desirable within the Leigh area. To give you an insight of the variety available with Houseproud, below is a selection of just a few jobs which are available to our customers:

Running Errands and Meal Preparation

Picture this: after a long day’s work, you come home to what feels like no food in the fridge. You then feel obliged to order fast food. This undoubtedly isn’t too hard to imagine (it happens to everyone), everyone who isn’t currently using Houseproud anyway! Houseproud housekeepers can ensure a meal of your choice to be on the table for you every single night. What’s more, we can ensure your kitchen is full of food selected by you and provided by your housekeeper. As well as shopping, Houseproud staff can also be relied on to run errands; any little jobs you may be too busy to do, thus allowing for you to manage your time more effectively.

Organising Your Home

Whether you’re living in a chaotic family house to living alone and busy with work, Houseproud can help keep your home clean for you. Houseproud housekeepers are thoroughly trained to meet the needs of homeowners. From laundry to changing beds, Houseproud can help you keep on top of it all. We want to make your house not just a home, but a relaxed environment. As well as home cleaning, Houseproud also offer various handymen, ranging from gardeners to electricians, to help make your house as clean and presentable as possible.

Houseproud Home Services, Leigh

Houseproud aim to deliver top quality house cleaning for everybody within the Leigh area. Our services are consistently supporting the elderly or disabled, as well as helping out in family environments. If you’ve been browsing for a reliable housekeeper or friendly gardener, for example, Houseproud is the company for you!