Cleaning Services North West – how to choose the best cleaning company for you

News on 13 Jun , 2018

Whether you’re hiring cleaning services North West for commercial or domestic use, it is always worthwhile doing some research to find the most efficient company. Since you’re effectively allowing strangers onto your property and into your home, you need to know that they’re trustworthy and professional. Here at Houseproud Home Services, we’ve compiled a few pointers that we believe are crucial to finding the right company for you. We also proudly boast these attributes that we fee; are imperative for making our customers feel comfortable.

How experienced is the company?

It may seem obvious, but has the company got experience of working in your type of premises before? Are they a domestic company used to dealing with personal property? If so, how much experience do they come with? We understand that all cleaning services North West have to start somewhere, but do your research; is their lack of customers because they are brand new or for some other more sinister reasons?
Finally, check whether they’re well trained and qualified. The correct qualifications and up to date training will allow you to decide whether they’re worth taking a risk on. The more conscious a company is of its professionalism, the more conscious they’ll be in your home.

Do they come recommended?

This is more for those established companies. If they work well, word will spread! So why not ask around to see who people are recommending or who people have used and now wouldn’t recommend? Word of mouth is very important to cleaning services North West and all of us here at Houseproud Home Services pride ourselves on making sure that we provide the best services and receive the best feedback from our customers.

What standard does the company work to?

Does the company just carry out basic ‘cosmetic’ cleans or do they deep clean, sanitise and disinfect your property in order to reduce and eliminate harmful germs? A high quality clean can also help reduce sick days for the company’s employees and can also improve customer returns! It’s also worth asking who is there to make sure that the cleaning standards don’t slip – who manages the cleaners?

Cleaning Services North West

All of our team at Houseproud Home Services go above and beyond to make sure that the service we provide is of the highest quality. Not only do we deal with cleaning, we also carry out home help tasks and we can recommend trusted tradespeople within your area. If you have any questions about any of the services that we provide, please feel free to get in contact with one of our team!