53% of women ‘do chores in evening’

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1:25pm Wednesday 6th October 2010

More than half of British women do not finish their domestic chores until 10.30pm, a new survey found.

Researchers found that 53% of women do not finish cooking, cleaning and washing clothes until late in the evening.

Most do not even start doing their daily jobs around the home until 8.30pm.

The survey, conducted on 1,080 women by laundry products company Dr Beckmann, found that women in Newcastle spend an average of 3.2 hours completing household tasks every day while those in London spend just 1.3 hours on domestic duties.

Company spokesman Steven Simpson said: “According to our survey, a 21st century woman’s work really is never done.

“Women in the UK are constantly on the go, maybe more busy once they have left the workplace.

“While the men of the house find it easy to relax once the evening family meal is out of the way, and the children can choose to watch TV or go out to play with their friends once they have completed their homework, the average woman of the house has another two or three hours of domestic duties to perform – such as the washing, vacuuming and general tidying up.

“With the numbers of women holding down nine to five jobs increasing every decade they have less and less extra-curricular time to complete household tasks and, despite the fact that men are doing more around the house than previously, the majority of domestic duties are still completed by women.