Houseproud Home Services

News on 3 Feb , 2015

Houseproud Home Services is a family run business in Atherton that has been involved in the cleaning and home help sector for over fifteen years. We delivery a fantastic and reliable service to many homes in AthertonOver Hulton, Leigh, Pennington, Lostock, WesthoughtonDaisy hill, Hart Common, HindleyTyldesley, Astley, Lowton.

I am the proud owner of Houseproud Home Services in Atherton. my aim is to provide local people with their own dedicated housekeepers that deliver the highest standards of service at the best possible price. We have built a team of trusted and reliable housekeepers to ensure we offer a fantastic service to our clients . We are a local family run business that takes pride in our work and can promise you the best housekeeping service in the area”. – Lewis Fagan (Director)