For much of the Middle Ages and into the 18th century Hindley (population 12016) was a mixture of pastoral, farming and woodland with the local farmers being tenants of a variety of lords. Some of this ancient woodland still remains today in Hindley’s Borsdane Wood which is a fine example of an ancient British woodland and is protected as a Local Nature Reserve. Hindley is built on the Lancashire coalfield and benefits from the moisture of the western climate of Britain. As a result, the two great business of the town for over three centuries were coal-mining and cotton spinning

“What a lovely start to the week when I see your girls on Mondays. Their help is invaluable to me”. – Mr Garfield, Hindley.

“Ours is a big job. Gina and Lynne have been doing it for over 2 years and the standard has never dropped. Love it”. – Mrs L Murray, Hindley.